Water Supply

Water Quality and Monitoring

The situation in Havelock North has some in the community concerned about water quality, testing and monitoring regimes in the South Waikato. Staff have put together a double-sided A3 information sheet to help put our water system on one page. This can be viewed here.

Council must have a Water Supply Management Plan. This can be viewed here (1,850kb). NOTE: this Management Plan is being reviewed as required by th​e Drinking Water Standards and the Ministry of Health's directions since the Havelock incident.

District Water Supply

The water supply to the District originates mainly from artesian springs and deep bores. Council provides four urban and two rural water supply services with a combined reticulation length of 223.28km.


Arapuni - 7.74 km
Putaruru - 53.38 km
Tirau - 15.86 km
Tokoroa - 146.3 km


Athol - 3.95 km (obtains bulk water from Carter Holt Harvey, Kinleith)
Lichfield - 0.88 km

The provision of potable water is provided to all urban centres and other selected groups of lifestyle properties. This service falls under the social branch of the four wellbeing's and is considered a core Council activity. Tokoroa's water is treated with chlorine, fluoride and ultraviolet.  Putaruru Waihou supply is treated with ultraviolet, Putaruru Glenshea supply is treated with chlorine.  Tirau supply is treated with chlorine and ultraviolet.  Arapuni and Lichfield supply are treated with chlorine.


Watermark (a section of council) operates and maintains the District's water schemes and responds on a 24- hour basis to unplanned events.

Watermark has a broad spectrum of competent and skilled staff capable of undertaking a number of core functions. These include delivery of potable household water, water treatment, waste water, laboratory work, an after hours service, remote monitoring and control and other areas such as light engineering, small motor repairs and swimming pool maintenance.

Watermark aims to achieve a high standard of efficient and economic service to the residents of the district in accordance with the South Waikato District Council's Long Term Plan (LTP).

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