Effective handling of urban stormwater is critical for maintaining the South Waikato District's waterways and to prevent flooding. Council is constantly maintaining, reviewing and improving the district's urban stormwater network.

Council owns and maintains 116.69 kilometres of urban stormwater reticulation in the following urban areas:

Arapuni - 3.06 km
Putaruru - 28.03 km
Tirau - 7.62 km
Tokoroa - 77.97 km

The main urban areas of the District are serviced by a network of pipes and open drains which collect stormwater and dispose of it to natural waterways. Most of the pipelines are made from reinforced concrete, with a life expectancy of up to 90 years.

Capital and maintenance work is contracted out on a competitive tendering basis. Management, supervision and policy advice is provided directly by Council and is considered a core competency.

The community benefits from an efficient stormwater service through the reduction of flooding and associated problems, including disruption to transport, property damage and risk to personal safety.

Rates harmonisation is in place for the urban stormwater service. Rural stormwater is undertaken in conjunction with Council's capital and maintenance roading budget.

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