Tokoroa Airfield

​​The Tokoroa Airfield is owned by the South Waikato District Council (SWDC). It is located at Amisfield, just south of Tokoroa.  It comprises a grass runway 1,120m long by 60m wide including a sealed landing strip 850m long by 18m wide as well as adjacent open space and buildings.  The total land area is 38.79 ha. There is a reticulated water supply and a small public toilet block on site.

The property has been retained as a legacy asset for aviation activities, aerial topdressing and a variety of community recreational activities.  Aircraft up to 5,700kg are permitted to use the runway, though smaller aircraft often use the grass runway to reduce tyre wear.  The civil aviation status is 'non-certified' and 'unattended'.  Several private hangar sites are leased on-site and more are available at a very reasonable rental.  The airport is available for daily rental for community events and commercial activities subject to prior bookings. Pilot training schools in the mid-North Island area use the airport for landing practise and 'touch and goes' on a regular basis.

In addition to aviation uses, the airport property also accommodates the Tokoroa Street Rodders Club, South Waikato Motocross Club and Tokoroa Kart Club and is used for a variety of other recreational activities and events such as the flying of model aircraft.  South Waikato Supercross/Motocross arena is to the north of the runway.  This is currently accessed through an easement over private farmland.  West of the runway are the Tokoroa and Districts Aero Club clubhouse, Tokoroa Street Rodders clubhouse, existing private hangars, and Tokoroa Kart Club clubhouse and track.  The grass strip along the east side of the runway is leased to the South Waikato Racing Club for grazing and is not readily accessible from the western side.

To read the full Airport Strategic Plan, click here:

The Fees and Charges are available here.

To visit the Tokoroa and Districts AeroClub's facebook page, follow this link​.

(Civil Aviation Authority flight code: NZTO)

Drones (unmanned flying aircraft)

Holiday purchases will likely see an increase in the purchase of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) or what are more commonly known as drones.  Regardless of shape or size, CAA rules apply to them all. 

If you are new to using a drone, Airshare is a good place to get information. Its webpage has been designed to provide links for a quick guide to the process of using a drone and logging a flight among other resources.

Visit the  Rules page and read the Part 101 operating rules in particular. Part 101 applies to all drone operators, even if you are just flying at your local park. If you have any questions about the rules, you can check FAQs and/or visit the news hub page.

In the South Waikato we have several parks where Council permits flying of drones. The policy can be viewed here​. At all times CAA rules apply.

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