Reporting road issues

Local Roads
Any road within the South Waikato district that is not a state highway please call Council on 07 885 0340 or click on the 'Say It' orange button alongside, selecting General Feedback.

​State Highways
State Highways in the South Waikato - call the New Z​ealand Transport Agency on 0800 444449 or contact them via their website here.

Via Antenno
Road issues can also be reported via Antenno, a mobile phone app that is free to download. More on this app here​.​

How big is our roading network in the South Waikato Distric​t?

South Waikato District Council's 538 kilometres​ of road network, if laid end-to-end, would reach from Tirau to Wellington. The surface area totals about 3.55million square metres, equivalent to 330 rugby fields!

The total roading network consists of local roads, State Highways (under the care of the New Zealand Transport Agency), private roads (mainly forestry) and unformed roads (paper roads).

In addition to the road itself, roading infrastructure includes bridges and large culverts, signs and road markings, stock underpassess, footpaths, street lighting, drainage, railings and public carparks.

Council currently manages 427.6km of rural road (of which 30.2km is maintained by forestry organisations) and 112.2km of urban roading.

The roading activity also includes 2,158 street lights, 45 bridges and large culverts, 170.6km of foothpaths, 3,030 signs and 38 stock underpasses.

The network is internally managed by Council's tra​nsportation team, called Southtech. Southtech used to be a separate business unit of Council, but is now integrated within Council.

T​he majority of the roading func​tion is funded by a 46:54 percent split between Council (ratepayers) and the New Zealand Transport Agency (taxpayers) with NZTA paying the larger share. A small percentage of the roading activity is fully funded by Council. 

Click here to view the South Waikato District Council Land Transport Asset Management Plan.​

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