Roading Statistics

roads.jpgOur roading service is dedicated to providing effective, efficient, well managed and safe District roading network. Unlike most rural areas of New Zealand , almost all the rural roads in the South Waikato District are sealed. Currently our network comprises:

Urban Streets  
Sealed 111.7km
Unsealed 0.6km
Rural Roads  
Sealed 382.7km
Unsealed 10.3m
TOTAL 505.3km
Sealed (maintained by Carter Holt Harvey Limited) 0km
Unsealed (maintained by Carter Hold Harvey Limited) 30.9km
TOTAL 536.2km
Bridges 34
Footpaths 126.8km
Streetlights 2,455
Stock Underpasses 34
Signs 3,830

 Click here to view the South Waikato District Council Land Transport Asset Management Plan.

Page reviewed: 11 Feb 2014 2:02pm