Property Information and Confidentiality

Are you aware that any person, at any time, can apply to Council to look at, and copy, any information held on our files concerning your property?

NO. Well they can, and it's legal.


Clause 44a of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 reads:

44A Land Information Memorandum -

( 1) A person may apply to a territorial authority for the issue, within ten working days, of a Land Information Memorandum in relation to matters affecting any land in the District of the authority.

Sub clauses 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 specify what information must be made available and under what conditions.

However, Section 27.3 of the Building Act 1991 does restrict the flow of information where the owner of the land requests confidentiality to protect copyright of the plans or specifications:

or because of any requirement of the owner of the building relating to the security of the building.

Should you wish to have your property noted as confidential, staff can arrange for this in two ways:

The file can be:

    1. Restricted to all; or
    2. Perusal Restricted to Specific Persons or Organisations.

There is a cost for this service. For details of current charges refer to Fees and Charges.

Requests must be made in writing.

A letter confirming that the request has been actioned will be forwarded to you once the files have been noted.

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