Noise Control

​​​All excessive noise complaints, no matter what time of day or night, can be phoned through on (07) 885 0340. The operator will take details of the complaint and forward them to a noise control contractor for investigation - it is our policy to keep complainants' details confidential.

The Resource Management Act 1991 empowers the Council to control the effects of unreasonable or excessive noise in the urban area. This generally relates to musical instruments and stereos, electrical appliances, power machines and people.

The RMA defines excessive noise as any noise controlled by people that "unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort and convenience" of anyone. Sections 326, 327, and 328 of the RMA cover excessive noise. The aim is to safeguard people from 'unreasonable' or 'excessive' noise, while also recognising the rights of people and industry to make some amount of noise.

Noise control officers can seize equipment, impose fines and dispose of equipment.

There are also noise control regulations in the District Plan, which sets maximum noise levels for residential, business, and industrial zones.

Seized Equipment​​

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (Sections 327 and 328), the offending person (stereo owner) can make an application for the return of their seized goods. Because Council incurs costs during the seizure of items, the offending person is liable for a charge on the return of their goods and must agree to keep noise to a reasonable level in the future.

Council's Environmental Health Manager will review the history of noise complaints associated with the property from which the equipment was seized before deciding on release requirements. Council policy is to hold seized equipment until the requirements/release fee has been paid. Council reserves the right to refuse the release of equipment should the Environmental Health Manager not be satisfied that the return will not result in resumption of excessive noise.​

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