Economic Development and Business

Economic development is a vital task performed by the South Waikato District Council to ensure our communities are sustainable and living standards are constantly being improved in our district. It is no coincidence that the outputs of economic development align perfectly with the South Waikato District Council's overarching vision which is "healthy people thriving in a safe, vibrant and sustainable community".

The South Waikato District Council sees huge potential in our district and it is driven towards helping realise this potential. Council does this through planning for and facilitating growth, leading and investing in infrastructure projects, delivering outstanding support services and incentives for new and existing businesses, district promotion, being a business friendly council and ultimately building an environment where businesses can thrive.

Follow the links below to learn more about economic development in the South Waikato as well as the benefits and opportunities for new and existing businesses.

Alternatively, check out The South Waikato Solution, our new investment prospectus which outlines the South Waikato District's compelling case as a destination for new business and investment. 


Page reviewed: 13 Feb 2018 11:33am