Welfare Services - Get Prepared

​​As​ long as you have three days worth of supplies in your cupboards, fridge and freezer you already have the majority of what you need to Get Thru in an emergency.

Eat perishable items first from your fridge. If there is a power outage, items in the freezer will stay frozen for around one or two days if you minimise door/lid opening.

Basic survival kit items should include:​

  • Torch with spare batteries or light sticks
  • Transistor radio and spare batteries (there is a radio in your car)
  • First Aid kit
  • Tinned food for two to three days for you and your pets
  • Can opener
  • Bottled water
  • Box of matches or lighter
  • Toilet paper

Remember to replenish spare batteries, candles, matches/ lighters, and refresh your stored water every six months - have enough to give to your pets also.

Handy hint #1 - Keep some snap lock bags on hand for keeping things dry during floods i.e. medication, toiletries

Handy hint #2 - Make sure you have extra toilet rolls above and beyond your weekly requirements.

​​​Handy hint #3 - For those of you wondering if Civil Defence workers practice what we preach, here is proof that yes we do. My ten litre water containers are a few years old now, but they still scrub up well w​​​ith a bit of washing up liquid. But you can also use clean milk/ juice/ soft drink contai​ners, you will just need more of them. It is advised that each person have three​ litres of drinking water per day or nine litres per person for three days to Get Thru. This equates to four 2.25 litre soft drink bottles. It is strongly recommended that you store more for food preparation and self-hygiene. Do not forget to store water for your pets.​​ -Ju​lie Nicholson, Welfare Coordinator

Getaway kit

This kit should also include:

  • Legal doc​uments and important papers: birth, marriage and insurance certificates; passports; family photos etc
  • Any special medical or dietary needs: prescription glasses, asthma inhaler, hearing aid, prescription drugs
  • Toiletries and baby needs​
  • Feminine needs
  • Also take warm clothing and bedding
  • Wear warm clothes and ​strong footwear
  • List of relations' and close friends' addresses and pho​ne numbers
  • Blankets and sleeping bags

Lastly, don't forge​​t your pets! Go t​o this link here​ for more on animals in an emergency.

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