Aim of Civil Defence

​Emergency Management is all about people helping people. It is all of us working together to take care of our community's needs in an emergency event. If there is an emergency, everyone needs to be self-reliant and prepared to survive in their own homes for up to three days without assistance, other than from their neighbours.

Assembly points

Civil Defence have been taking the 'Civil Defence Assembly Point' signs down for some time now, as Civil Defence are promoting using Emergency apps, Council web sites, radio stations etc. for disseminating information. 

Each activation is going to be different and require different management, and as such the right situation for a Civil Defence Centre (CDC) will be appointed at the time of a Civil Defence activation. Schools for example are no longer promoted as CDC sites, as they are ​the last places we want to stop running normally and first places we want to get back up and running after an activation. 

In short everyone needs to pay close attention to instructions from Civil Defence and be guided to right location in an emergency by staying tuned. Install Antenno for up to date need to know notifications.


​In an emergency, Civil Defence Emergency Management co-ordinates a wide range of groups and agencies to:

  • Help prevent loss of life.
  • Help the injured and relieve distress.
  • Help return the community to normal.

The South Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management is there to help people in an emergency event. The South Waikato District Council and the Police, Fire and Ambulance services may not be able to manage the situation on their own. The Civil Defence Emergency Management network is able to bring together extra resources to help these services cope. It is for this reason that Council is putting some effort into helping communities develop a Community Response Plan. This purpose of this Plan is to understand:

  • the hazards that exist in our communi​ty and the level of risk they pose.
  • what you can do to prepare yourself and those who depend on you, to survive through an emergency.
  • the warning signs to evacuate and where to watch for information on where to evacuate to.

Community Group lead​​​​ers can contact the Civil Defence team on 07 885 0340 to discuss a way forward. We have templates and guide materials that will assist you in developing your Community Response Plan.

An emergency could occur at any time in the South Waikato District. Possible emergencies include:

  • Floods​
  • Storms/high winds
  • Hazardous chemical spills (industrial/transport accident)
  • Loss of water or power supply
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • External threats, including events of extra-terrestrial, global or overseas events which have an impact on New Zealand.

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