Project Information Memoranda (PIM)


Do I want to build?

An owner who is contemplating undertaking any new building work for which a building consent is required may, without applying for a building consent under section 33 of the Building Act 2004, apply to the territorial authority for a Project Information Memorandum in respect of the work.

Thinking of building or adding to a new school hall, sports pavilion, office, etc.

If a sports organisation, school, etc, is applying for funding there is a possibility that one of the requirements is a Project Information Memorandum so that the funding agency, ministry, head office or other body can see that the proposed project is feasible.

A fee for preparation and issue of the Project Information Memorandum is payable on application.

Council must issue the PIM in 20 working days. The period will commence on the date that the Council is satisfied that it has received all the information required under section 31 of the Building Act 2004.

Please consult with Council's Building Department if you require any assistance or information about acquiring a PIM or any other building-related matter.

Application for a PIM and/or Building Consent (Form 2) is now available online. To apply for a PIM follow this link​.


For further information about PIMs​​

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