Building Near Powerlines

Electrical Supply Regulations 1984

94. Location of lines near buildings, other structures, scaffolding, etc:

No person shall erect or cause to permit to be erected any building, structure, scaffold or any other thing, whether of the same nature or not, at a distance in any direction from an aerial conductor of an electric line than that prescribed in the table on the next page.

Notwithstanding subclause (1) of this regulation, an Electrical Supply Authority or Licensee may give permission in writing, for the use of a lesser distance than that prescribed in the table in subclause (1) of this regulation if such lesser distance is not less than the minimum clearance prescribed in Regulation 87 of these regulations in respect of any specific line, voltage and condition of use.

Minimum Distance Under Normal Conditions
Voltage of Line Vertical Metres Horizontal Metres
Not exceeding 33,000 volts 4 4
Exceeding 33,000 volts for spans up to 500 meters 8 20
Exceeding 33,000 volts for spans exceeding 500 metres Such distances as prescribed by the owner of the line but not less than the clearance prescribed in Regulation 38  

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