Dog Problems


Should you have an Animal Control complaint call in at the District Council offices and complete a form. For after hours complaints, you can call (07) 885 0774. The situation will be attended to by a Compliance Officer. If your complaint is of a serious nature, ie, a dog attack please ring (07) 885 0340 as soon as you are able to. Don't wait until the next day, time is of the essence.

Pit bull terriers and crossbreeds of pit bulls are required to be classified as Menacing due to the characteristics of the breed. Council is permitted to classify any dog as a 'dangerous dog' should unsuitably aggressive behaviour be observed or reported. Menacing dogs and Dangerous dogs need to be muzzled and on a leash at all times when in public places unless they are entirely within a vehicle.

Dog a​​​ttacks

Dog attacks are unacceptable. Council has the power to seize dogs that attack people or other animals. If you, a person you know or your pet has been attacked by a dog, contact us immediately (07 885 0340) and a Compliance Officer will investigate. Again, do not delay.

Barking​ dogs

Barking is normal canine behaviour and is permitted. However, it is an offence for a dog to create a nuisance by persistent loud barking or howling. Where a nuisance is created, Council has the right to insist that the responsible person take immediate measures to control the behaviour.

If you do live near a​ dog that you consider to be a nuisance and you feel comfortable talking to the owner, do so as a first step. Although this can feel confronting, it is sometimes the best way to get a resolution to the problem, most people appreciate you coming to them in the first instance. The dog owner may not be aware of your concern and could take steps to improve the situation without it becoming a Council issue. Alternatively contact Council on 07 885 0340 or by following this link. A Compliance Officer will investigate.

Page reviewed: 05 Mar 2018 9:40am