​​Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions relating to air quality, schemes and assistance.

Where can I get dry firewood?

Contact our Burnwise suppliers. Council endorses several wood suppliers who are committed to providing good wood in our community. For more information visit our Burnwise page.

Where can I get a local chimney sweep?

Please contact one of the people below, or call your local Fire Service.

  • Work 4 U Property Services
    027 362 4411
  • Paul Black
    027 277 9319

Who can remove my non-compliant wood burner and install a new clean heating appliances through Council's WHCA schemes?

Council have several suppliers, click he​​​r​e​ for the full list.

What do I do once I have completed the Warm Homes Scheme Selector tool and know which scheme I want to apply for?

Obtain quotes from the service providers you have selected and email a copy of the one you want to go with to moetu.togia@southwaikato.govt.nz - from there a contract can be drawn up for you to sign. Once your contract has been signed by you and approved by Council, your chosen service provider will then contact you directly for a start date and time. ​

How important is it to insulate my home?

Council strongly recommends that ratepayers consider the standard of insulation in their home at the same time that a heating upgrade is being investigated. All heating appliances operate more efficiently and cheaply in a well-insulated home. The cost of ceiling and/or under floor insulation can be included in a Split the Bill and Buy Now Pay Later application if it is installed at the same time as a qualifying heating upgrade. It is possible that separate providers can be used for insulation and heating subject to Council approval. 
The Split the Bill and Buy Now Pay Later schemes cannot be used to pay for insulation only.​

Can I have my home insulated via the WHCA schemes.

For Split the Bill and Buy Now Pay Later you can have this done at the same time as signing up for the heating replacement. For On the House it is a prerequirem​ent. Call EECA for more information (0800 358 676).​

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