Camping in South Waikato Reserves

The South Waikato has a number of places where campers are permitted to stay, offering basic facilities like toilets and rubbish bins.
If you would like to know more about Freedom Camping access our Freedom Camping brochure here or contact Council on (07) 885 0340. 

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Camping Rules​​

  • Overnight parking in a Certified Self Contained (CSC) vehicle does not require a permit and is limited to the areas indicated h​​ere​ (also see Google map at the bottom of this page for overnight parking locations). Camping in tents and other types of vehicles requires a camping permit. Camping permits can be obtained from the South Waikato District Council offices or the district’s Information Centres.  You can now also apply online.
  • Your maximum stay in any one location over a 3 month period is 4 weeks.

  • Overnight parking does not require a permit and is limited to the reserves indicated - Glenshea Park and Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground. All vehicles parking overnight must be fitted with a minimum three days toilet and grey water capacity and all rubbish must be removed from the site on departure. Overnight parking shall only be in areas identified for such purpose and those asked to move on shall comply​ with any request from an authorised Officer of Council.

  • All toilet and grey water disposal must be at a Council approved dump point. These are located in Tokoroa, Putaruru and Tirau.

  • No permanent or semi-permanent structures are permitted.

  • A minimum distance of three metres is required between each tent/campervan in case of fire.

  • No open fires are permitted. Gas cookers or gas BBQs only are allowed.

  • All dogs must be restrained at all times to ensure the safety of other campers and the owners are responsible for the removal of their dogs' waste.

  • The riding of motorbikes in the reserve where others are camping is not permitted.


Obtaining a Permit​

Camping Permits are free of charge.

The permit is valid for the dates specified when you complete your application.  If you change the dates of your stay, be sure to apply for another permit - it costs nothing and you can do it online and have it delivered to your email inbox in minutes). 

One permit is required for each vehicle at a camp site (maximum of six people can be covered by a permit). Campers are encourage to bring sufficient rubbish bags to suit their length of stay. From mid-December to mid-February rubbish bags will be collected from the authorised dumping point at each of the reserves on the following days:

    • Dunham Point - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Whakamaru Reserve - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Jones Landing - Monday, Friday
    • Little Waipa - Monday, Friday

Public toilets located at each reserve are available for the use of visitors and campers.​

Permits can be obtained from the Council offices ​in Putaruru and Tokoroa*. Or the i-SITEs in Tokoroa and Tirau or Pride in Putaruru office in Putaruru, or by applyi​ng online​.

* ​Please note that the Council offices close over the Christmas period, usually just prior to Christmas through to the next working day after 2 January the following year.​


More Information

If you would like to know more about Freedom Camping access our Camping brochure here or call  
(07) 885 0340 or at

​Information Centre Contact Numbers: ​

  • Tirau (07) 883 1202 
  • Putaruru (07) 883 7284 
  • Tokoroa (07) 886 8872​​


Map of Freedom Camping Locations

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