Online Mapping Tool

​​Council has introduced a simple online mapping tool that provides public access to Council information for services like water supply, wastewater and the like. 

For the Online Mapping Tool, click h​ere

The mapping tool provides layers of Council information overlaid on a base map of the district. These can be turned on and off by selecting and deselecting the tick box next to the layer name. For best results enter an address within the district that you are interested in and then turn on map layers you want,  or use the 'find my nearest' feature that pops up with an address search marker. Map layers showing Council utility networks are available as well as  additional community facilities like halls and reserves. Additional information can be accessed by clicking on the visible map features.

Please be aware that not all services located in roads and properties are shown in the provided map layers and if you are planning excavations you should register your intentions with the “BeforeUdig” service (call on 0800 248 344  or visit the BeforeUdig website).

Page reviewed: 22 Nov 2018 3:16pm