AP-097.jpgTokoroa is the hub of New Zealand's massive forestry, timber and pulp and paper industries.

Located mid-way between Taupo and Hamilton on State Highway 1, Tokoroa is an ideal place to pause for an hour or two or, even better, for a day or two. The town takes its name after the Maori chief, "Tokoroa" who was killed as he led his people gallantly against the British in the mid 1800s.

It lies at the crossroads between the lush dairy farmland of the South Waikato and the vast plantation forests of the central North Island. The town has its own very special character which combines the pioneering spirit of people from over 25 countries into a close knit community which is bound together in warmth and hospitality.

The development of a Talking Poles trail throughout the central business district reflects the cultural diversity of the Tokoroa community and offers a leisurely and informative stroll for visitors to the town.

Tokoroa is the gateway to many of the central North Island's tourist attractions. It also abounds with scenic attractions of its own which are "off-the-beaten-track". There is easy access to bush walks, scenic reserves, lakes and rivers, which are all steeped in Maori legend. Visit Pokaiwhenua, and Hatupatu rock, learn of the stories and legends which make these places sacred.

It is a town within easy reach of some of the most scenic stretches on the mighty Waikato River. The well-stocked lakes and rivers offer excellent trout fishing, boating, water skiing and yachting. Or simply enjoy a walk round Lake Moana​nui, by Matarawa Stream or enjoy the scenery from the lookout on Colsons Hill.

Cat-4---PN038-Kim-Sneddon.jpgFor the more adventurous the hunting in the area is excellent. Permits can be obtained from CHH forests. Game includes deer, possums, rabbits, pigs, goats, ferrets and stoats.

Tokoroa's timber industry heritage makes it the natural place to hold the world-famous "Golden Axe and Logger Sports" events where foresters from around the world compete against each other in incredible displays of skill, strength and stamina.

Off-road forest tracks also make it home for a number of motor rally and mountain biking events while the hunting tradition is reflected in the annual National Shooting Championship.

All year round, visitors to Tokoroa can take advantage of the easy access to their favourite pastimes and enjoy the special hospitality that makes the town unique.

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