Putaruru is home to some of New Zealand's most famous sportsmen and women, including long distance runner, Lorraine Moller and ex-All Black Captain Grant Fox - and it is no wonder.

The people of Putaruru have always lived an outdoor life - whether as farmers or timber workers, or simply as townspeople enjoying the excellent sporting facilities and outdoor pursuits that are available.

Putaruru is located between Tokoroa and Tirau on State Highway 1. It is close to Lake Arapuni on the Waikato River.

Putaruru is a fisherman's dream. With no less than 20 rivers packed with trout within a 20km radius from the township, the fishing experience is not only rewarding, but beautifully picturesque and relaxing. The true escape.

Putāruru is nestled in rural New Zealand and is home to the elusive Morepork; indeed Putāruru in Te Reo Māori means Home of the Owl.

Putaruru has a great variety of walks - long or short - and they all feature the particular beauty of the region. Visitors to Putaruru are invited to wander Te Waihou Walkway to view the Blue Springs. The crystal clear spring water is bottled in town, and sold commercially, nationally and beyond. In fact, it is this small town that is the source of 70% of New Zealand's bottled water! Putaruru is also a place to take time out to sample one or more of the many walks through local bush reserves like a walk across the suspension bridge at Arapuni from where many of the Waikato River Trails can be accessed.

Putaruru is based on a history of farming and timber. It is now the commercial centre for some of the most productive dairy farmland in the country and the town's economy is based on this heritage.

The Lichfield Dairy Factory - which is one of the newest and largest cheese factories in the world - is only 6km from the town centre and is currently undergoing a massive expansion enhancing the South Waikato's economic advantage and creating much needed jobs both during the expansion and once commissioned.

The Putaruru business association Pride in Putaruru is very active in the community, hosting the Putaruru Business Awards, Waterfest, Christmas Parade among other business and community initiatives during the year. Visit the Pride in Putaturu website here.


Putaruru Waterpark

The Putaruru Waterpark was officially opened on Saturday 20 April , 2002 by the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Helen Clark.

The blue colours of the Putaruru Waterpark mimic the colours of Te Waihou spring. Around 5000 plants - all natives - are planted on site. The shape of the feature is similar to the curve of a ponga fern shoot. The Waterpark features two large mosaics. These pieces are extraordinary - both in design and colour.

The people of Putaruru contributed directly to the paving surrounding the Putaruru Waterpark - many of the paving stones proudly display the names of the individuals, families and firms who contributed to this community landmark.

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