Fonterra Cheese Factory

Fonterra is a leading multi-national dairy company, co-operatively owned by 13,000 New Zealand supplier shareholders.

Fonterra's scope is huge, encompassing milk collection from 13,000 suppliers, the manufacture and packaging of more than 1,000 products and the operation of a supply chain linking production plants throughout New Zealand and offshore. It is responsible for the entire cow-to-customer value chain from milk collection, through manufacturing and logistics and ultimately to the marketing of quality ingredients to the international food industry

One of the top ten dairy companies in the world, Fonterra is responsible for a third of international dairy trade. New Zealand dairy farmers have long been renowned for producing quality milk more efficiently than anyone else in the world. Today New Zealand is a world leader in large-scale milk procurement and processing.

Fonterra's global supply chain stretches from farms in New Zealand to customers and consumers in 140 countries. Fonterra operates a network of offices covering every continent except Antarctica. They supply some of the best known dairy brands in the world and operate manufacturing sites where quality, cost marketing and distribution make them world leaders.

Situated in the small farming community of Lichfield is the Lichfield Cheese Factory, which is the largest cheese factory in the southern hemisphere. The factory produces a variety of world class dairy products.

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