Our Heritage Inventory

The Built Heritage Inventory forms part of the District Plan.  This list, along with information about each of the 40+ sites will be published to this website along with the new Draft District Plan in November.

The following is a list of the current Built Heritage Sites.  For further information about any of these sites, please contact the Planning Team.

  1. Arapuni Suspension Bridge, Arapuni Road
  2. Arapuni Power House, Powerhouse Road, Arapuni
  3. Arapuni Dam, Arapuni Road
  4. Bakehouse/Dairy, 12 Kinloch Road, Lichfield
  5. Skimming Factory, Cnr Kinloch & Lichfield Roads
  6. Water Tower, Pepperill Road, Lichfield
  7. Vintage Car Club Building, 6 Pepperill Road, Lichfield
  8. Okoroire Hot Springs Golf Club Pavilion, 18 Somerville Road, Okoroire
  9. Main Estate Woolshed, Okoroire Road, Tirau
  10. Main Estate Stables, Okoroire Road, Tirau
  11. Stone Kitchen, 69 Horahora Road, Piarere
  12. Stone House & Outbuildings, 56 Arapuni Street, Putaruru
  13. Stone House & Garage, 74 Kensington Street, Putaruru
  14. District Council Office and Library (former school), Overdale Street, Putaruru
  15. Stone House, 83 Tirau Street, Putaruru
  16. Stone House, 85 Tirau Street, Putaruru
  17. Stone House, 87 Tirau Street, Putaruru
  18. Putaruru Courthouse, 67 Tirau Street, Putaruru
  19. Assembly of God Church, 65 Tirau Street, Putaruru
  20. Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel, 18 Somerville Road, Okoroire
  21. Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel - staff accommodation, 18 Somerville Road, Okoroire
  22. House (formerly Raparahi Hotel), 1338 Wiltsdown Road, Waotu
  23. Waotu-Puketurua Play Centre Building, 1262 Waotu Road, Waotu
  24. Hodderville Homestead, 978 Old Taupo Road, Waotu
  25. The Marble Monument on Heteri, Lake Arapuni Road, Waotu
  26. Water Tower, Ngatira Road, Ngatira
  27. Walsh Rhyolite House, 64 Papanui Street, Tokoroa
  28. Tram Tunnels
  29. Drovers' Trough, SH 5, Tapapa
  30. Barnett Homestead, 1690 Wiltsdown Road, Waotu
  31. Te Waotu Post Office, Waotu-Putaruru Road
  32. Putaruru Post Office, cnr Kensington/Tirau Streets, Putaruru
  33. Water Tower, Prospect Tce, Tirau
  34. Motai Niu Pole, Kakoahu Road, Kuranui
  35. Stockmans Hut, 2670 SH 5, Tirau
  36. Te Whetu School Room, 4 Paraonui Road, Tokoroa
  37. BNZ Putaruru, Princes St, Putaruru
  38. Putaruru Hotel, Princes St/Arapuni Street
  39. WDFF Building, Overdale St, Putaruru
  40. Oxford Royal Hotel, SH1/Hillcrest St, Tirau
  41. Tirau Post Office (former) SH1/Rose St, Tirau
  42. Woodstock Homestead, 208 Somerville Road
  43. "The Sheep", Main Road, Tirau
  44. "The Dog", Main Road, Tirau
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