Rural Reserves Management Plan

Aniwaniw​​a Reserve

​​The Aniwaniwa Reserve is located on Horahora Road on the eastern banks of Lake Karapiro immediately north of the Pokaiwhenua Stream. Access is from Horahora road which is approximately 5 km south of State Highway 1. The Reserve is situated on a flat to easy rolling grassed river terrace with significant wetlands at the site.

Dunhams's Cr​​eek Reserve

This reserve is located on Ongaroto Road (SH32) and is on the foreshore of Lake Whakamaru. There is a mobility trail and board walk leading through a section of native bush which is the start of the section of the Waikato River Trail between Dunham’s Creek and Dunham’s Point Reserves.  It is a rural style reserve, with a relatively flat area and provides easy off road access and access to the lake for swimming.  

There is a public toilet at the reserve.​ It is a strategic link in the Waikato River Trails and provides a stopping off point for trail users. As the lake is part of the Waikato hydro power system the lake level is not constant. 

Dunham's Point Re​​​serve

Dunham’s Point is situated on Lake Whakamaru with access from Ongaroto Road, approximately 42 kilometres from Tokoroa.  It is adjacent to MiCamp (Christian Camp) on Ongaroto Road. The reserve is good for camping. There are public toilets at the reserve. There is a great view of the bluffs on the other side of the river (in the Taupo District). It is also a strategic link into the Waik​ato River Trails. It has both boat access and direct access to a ski lane. 

​Duxf​​​​ield Reserve

​The reserve is located on Arapuni Road and is a long narrow strip of land, overlooking the Pokaiwhenua Stream with easy access and good off road parking. It is a very pleasant picnic area with some native and exotic trees providing shade. The most significant landscape feature is the waterfall which cascades over a rock shelf and is used by kayakers. Views of the waterfall are limited due to the pipe and wire safety barrier and steep drop into the stream.

​Fitzgerald Glade (Tu​​​korehe Reserve)

This reserve is located on State Highway 5 between Rotorua and Putaruru. The glade is approximately 1 km long and is divided into two parts east and west of a café. There are a number of gullies in the reserve and it is backed by privately owned farmland. The entire ‘glade’ is owned jointly by the South Waikato District Council, the local Marae and the Department of Conservation. There is a memorial stone set into the bush on the northern side of the reserve honouring Tukorehe.​

Jim Barnett Reserve

The Jim Barnett Reserve​ is located on Waotu South Road. It is the only accessible example of intact native bush in the South Waikato. A community committee made up of members from local families and members of New Zealand Forest and Bird Society look after the reserve. The late Gordon Stephenson was very active in encouraging the development o​​f this reserve. Facilities include a small camping area, picnic area, tap for water supply, two composting toilets and wheel chair access through a gate near the main entry. There are a number of maintained tracks throughout the reserve with marked posts which link to worksheets for schools. ​

Jones La​​​nding

​Jones’ Landing is located on the Waikato River and is 27 kilometres west of Putaruru with access from Lake Arapuni Road. It is a very attractive reserve with a large flat area of grass along the river edge and a small hill on the northern edge of the Reserve. The significant rock bluffs dominate the view to the north. It is popular summer camping reserve, great for kayaking and other water sports. Facilities include; toilets, boat ramp, playground and a jetty. 

The Waikato River Trails section to Arapuni can be accessed from this reserve.

Little Waipa ​Reserve

The reserve is located on the Waikato River. It has a small sandy beach on the river edge and a boat ramp. It has an open area that can be used for camping with specimen trees providing shelter. This reserve has access to the Waikato River Trails running both north to the Pokaiwhenua Bridge and south to Arapuni town.

Sno​​​wsill Reserve

The reserve is located on Ongaroto Road approximately 100 metres from Dunham's Point and is a small flat area adjacent to the Waikato River.  It comprises a carpark, with surrounding grass and plantings. It is the southern most public access to the Waikato River Trails.  

Whak​​amaru Reserve

The reserve is a long narrow strip of land between Ongaroto Road and the Waikato River, near the Whakamaru Dam. There is a boat ramp at the north​​ern end, and a small beach area at the southern end of the reserve.  It has a number of open grassed areas for camping and is used extensively over the summer. The large number of mature trees provides screening and a sense of seclusion. Facilities include picnic tables and public toilets. It provides another strategic link in the Waikato River Trails​.

Walter ​​Barnett Reserve

The reserve is located on Waotu South Road.  It is an attractive area of ancient bush spanning both sides of the road, owned by the South Waikato District C​ouncil.

​Rural Reserves Management Plan here (9,251kb PDF).​

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