Legislation applicable to Council

​Parliament is elected to deal with issues relevant to Aotearoa New Zealand as a nation and to its people in general.

Local government works in much the same way. Individuals elect representatives  to local authorities, to work on solutions for local issues. This includes providing an infrastructure and planning framework in which communities can grow and the economy can flourish.

Everything local authorities do is within the legislative and policy framework established and maintained by Parliament and/or Central Government. Some statutes also establish Councils' accountability to Central Government for delivering a function or for the expenditure of some grants and subsidies.

​An Act is a law passed by Parliament (before an Act is passed, it is called a Bill). Many Acts have supporting regulations, which are laws made under an Act of Parliament. Regulations generally deal with matters of detail or administration, or matters that are subject to frequent change.

This page lists some of the key legislation that applies to all New Zealand local authorities. For more information on the particular piece of legislation please click on the specific link for that Act below.

Current Acts that affect South Waikato District Council: 





















Local legislation that confers powers on South Waikato District Council:

Tokoroa Agricultural and Pasto​ral Association Empowering Act 1968

More inform​ation

In terms of national policy being set by Central Government please refer to The Department of Internal Affairs'  

For more information on how legislation is enacted please refer to How a Bill Becomes Law.

If you are interested in how local government functions in Aotearoa New Zealand please refer to the Internal Affairs Department's pages on Local Councils.

For General Resources please refer to the websites for Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) and  New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM).

​In terms of national policy being set by Central Government please refer to The Department of Internal Affairs' Local Government Policy page

​Council Legislation, Planning Processes and Services

Our Strategies, Plans, Policies and Bylaws are developed to take into account any relevant requirements of the Acts listed above. Go to Strategies Plans, Policies and Bylaws to find more resources and information from our Counci l and how these Act are implemented. Our planning, guidance an​d legislative activities and documents also guide many of the services we provide.


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