Annual Report

​Local authorities prepare Annual Reports to provide public accountability for responsibilities. 

A local authority's Annual Report serves as a communication tool for providing wider information on activities carried out and services provided, and for comparing actual service delivery with forecast service delivery. The information in Annual Reports and summary Annual Reports should allow ratepayers, the community, and the wider public to assess how local authorities have performed in relation to stewardship of community assets, and the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of operations.

Council produces an annual report at the close of each financial year.

Previous years' Annual Reports are also available:

  • ​Annual Report 2016-17​ - Summ​ary (546kb)
  • Annual Report 2016-17 - F​​ull (2,061kb)​​
  • Annual Report 2015-16 - Summary (644kb)
  • Annual Report 2015-16 - Full (2,089kb)
  • Annual Report 2014-15 - Summary
  • Annual Report 2014-15 - Full
  • Annual Report 2013-14 - Summary
  • Annual Report 2013-14 - Full
  • Annual Report 2012-13 - Summary
  • Annual Report 2012-13 - Full


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