Easter Trading - yes or no

South Waikato District Council is wanting a steer from its community on whether shops should be allowed to trade on Easter Sunday.

Feedback is open from Wednesday 18 October to Friday 10 November.

The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act came into effect last year and allows retailers to open on Easter Sunday. This Amendment refers only to Easter Sunday not Good Friday.

Under this legislation councils have the ability to create a policy allowing retailers to open. This policy doesn't have to be blanket across the district, and it can specify which type of retailer can open too.

Currently businesses in what are deemed 'tourist centres' can trade on Easter Sunday. Other businesses that provide services like fuel stations, dairies, cafes/restaurants and garden centres are also legally able to trade on Easter Sunday currently.

This could be viewed by some retailers and others in the community as unfair.

"Council will use the feedback during this engagement period to decide whether or not to look at introducing an Easter Trading Policy," explained Mayor Jenny Shattock. "If a Policy is introduced, it will come to the community for formal consultation.

"So it's over to you… what do you think?"

To have your say visit this link.

Page reviewed: 18 Oct 2017 11:42am