Putaruru Growth Plan

​After 20 years of population decline, we are now seeing an increase in population in our district, including Putāruru! But that means we are experiencing a shortage of houses and land on which to build new houses... so what to do?

The South Waikato District Council and Putāruru Moving Forward have been working together on a Putaruru Growth Plan to help tackle the lack of housing and land available for building.

This project has now entered the more formal District Plan Review PLAN CHANGE stage.

To oversee the management of this next stage, Council has set up a Steering Group and a Working Party.

Our community is invited to engage with us through this PLAN CHANGE process to ensure Putaruru can continue to grow.

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Initial Feedback Opportunities

Following a very successful open public meeting on Wednesday 10 June 2016, the draft growth plan was amended further and made available for further public comment. We received an additional 52 responses. Survey results are available here. The plan went back to the consultants for further amendment based on this additional feedback a, further staff investigation and continued discussions with landowners.

A revised draft was adopted by Council to continue through the District Plan phase. There will be other opportunities for feedback during this process.

The file linked here summarises the community engagement feedback and includes the most recent version of the Growth Planning maps.

Why is growth planning important?


  • Growth planning helps ensure we consider the future of the town and how it might look in the future so we avoid unplanned development, sprawl, poor design outcomes etc.
  • Growth planning involves looking at where we could provide for new subdivisions for houses to be built.
  • Growth planning is essential to manage our infrastructure like water supply, stormwater and wastewater, in relation to a growing population.

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