Community Development Grant

​​Groups can apply to this scheme if they are:

  • Operating as a non-profit club or organisation.
  • Able to contribute a significant portion of the cost of the project.
  • Able to account for their funds.

Applications that are eligible for Sports Funding and Creative Communities grant schemes are excluded from the Community Development Grant.

Priorities- funding may take priority for organisations:

  • to help them get any event or programme started
  • to help them become self sufficient

Preference may be given for facilities and programmes that are to be shared by more than one group, and upgrades of existing facilities and or improve the safety and wellbeing of users.

An online form is available from Council's online services.

Other methods of completing an applications:

​​​​​Funding Rounds for 2018

  • Round 1 Applications: CLOSED on Friday 27 April 2018​
  • Round 2 Applications: Close ​on Friday 26 October 2018

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