Water Supply

Wai whakawhiwhi

Fees and Charges - 2018-19

Note: 320m3 per annum is the entitlement within the Targeted Rate. Extraordinary users will pay the following charges. This is the targeted rate as stated in the Annual Plan 2017-18 Funding Impact Statement for an ordinary supply set for the district serviced by the particular water supply. This is the minimum charge.

Extraordinary water supply

​Water charge:
​Tīrau, Putāruru, Arapuni, Athol and Tokoroa ​$1.10m3
​Water Used in Excess of 200m3 per day​$1.30m3
​Initial cost of any meter required for any extraordinary connection –
included in charge determined for such connections as provided in
Clause 769 of Council’s Water Supply Bylaw
​Actual Cost
​Reconnection fee – Clause 722.1 Water Supply Bylaw ​$88

Hydrant service pipe supply (Tokoroa, Tīrau and Putāruru only)

​District users​​$1.10m3
​Annual hydrant take permit 1 July to 30 June:
Standpipe with meter

$110 + cost of water
​​Standpipe without metre​$448
​Hire of standpipe (up to one month)​$113
​Bond for hire of standpipe​$56
​Casual hydrant take permit (less than a month):
Standpipe with meter
Standpipe without meter

​Water transported out of district (after Council approval)​Not permitted

 Backflow prevention

​Annual testing of backflow device$170
​​Installation of backflow devices:
Double check valve 20mm & 25mm
Double check valve 32mm & 40mm
Double check valve 50mm
Double check valve 100mm

Reduced pressure zone device 20mm & 25mm​$906
​Reduced pressure zone device 32mm & 40mm​$1,421
​Reduced pressure zone device 50mm​$1,545
​Reduced pressure zone device 100mm​$6,489​

Note: Installation costs of devices do not cover reinstatement of solid surfaces eg concrete, paving etc.

Backflow prevention devices may be installed on water supply connections to ensure that contaminants cannot flow back into the mains water pipes. They are intended to protect the health of the community and are normally required where the activities on the property are deemed to be potentially hazardous.

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