Trade Waste

Ngā para hoko

Fees and Charges - 2018-19

Sludge, Septic Tank and Grease Trap Waste

​South Waikato District sourced (minimum charge of $46/load) ​$25/m3

Trade waste charges (to be read in conjunction with Trade Waste Bylaw 2008)

​Administration: Application fee​$34/site
​Administration: Inspection fee​$67/site
​Conditional trade waste charge​$340/year
​Controlled (permitted) trade waste activities​Urban sewage disposal rate

Composite flow and load based charge

​Volume (m3)​$1.20
​BOD5 (Biological Oxygen Demand) (kg)​$0.90
​Suspended solids (kg)​$0.70
​TKN (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) (kg)​$0.90
​Phosphorus (kg)​$5.20
​Metered flow alone (by agreement m3)​$2.90


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