Sportsgrounds and Parks Hire

Whakautu papa takaro

Fees and Charges - 2018-19

​Tokoroa Soccer - Strathmore Park (per field per season)​$391
​Putāruru Soccer - Totara park (per field per season)​$391
​Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground (per field per season)​$391
​David Foote Park (per field per season)​$391
​Tokoroa Air Training Corp, James Higgins Park (old league building)​Formal lease
​Putāruru Netball - Glenshea Park (per court per season)​$139
​Tokoroa Tennis - Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground (per court per season)​​$139
​Tokoroa Netball - Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground (per court per season)​​$139
​Touch - Putāruru or Tokoroa including Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground (per field per season)​$283
​Casual Hire - Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground/David Foote park (per field per day)​$62
​Casual Hire - Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground - Oval lights (per use)​$28
​Casual Hire - Glenshea No 1 (Putāruru) (per field per day)​$62
​Casual Hire - Passive Reserve (per field per day)​$62
​Campervan or similar - fee for use of park (Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground, David Foote Park or Glenshea park) (per vehicle per event)​$9
​Bond (for field/park use) (per event)​$180
​Oval - Tokoroa Memorial Sportsground (per day)​$62

 Pirates Building Charges: Sports or Events Use

​Half day hireage​$30
​Evening hireage​$60​
​Full day hireage​$105
​Full weekend hireage​$195
Bond (for use)​$175

 Pirates Building Charges: Function or Events Use (non-sports)

​Half day hireage​$105
​Evening hireage​$175
​Full day hireage​$105
​Full weekend hireage​$305
Bond (for use)​$325

Axemans' Building Charges
​Half day hireage​$25
​Evening hireage (up to four hours)​$40
​Full day hireage (up to 10 hours)​$50
​Full weekend hireage​$100
​Bond (for use)​​$150
​South Waikato Sport and Events Centre - Other
​Damages charged at cost​As per individual repair or replacement


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