​​Whakautu parahanga​

Fees and Charges - 2018-19

​(Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and Solid Waste Bylaw 2008) ​​

​Standard Fee​​$156/tonne (includes National Waste Levy charge $11.50)​​


  • All landfill fees include an Emission Trading Scheme charge from 1 January 2013
  • Tyres are not included in the prescribed fees and are separately charged. All tyres larger than 16" x 750 accepted at the Tokoroa landfill only.
  • No liquid hazardous waste permitted and non-soluble solid wastes permitted - only by special arrangement.
  • Charges are per entry, eg a vehicle towing a trailer, both containing refuse, incur a total charge.
  • All commercial and industrial waste to Tokoroa landfill only.
  • The standard fee includes charges under the Emissions Trading Scheme
​Sorted to recycling depots at landfill entrances without entry to landfill
– no greenwaste – cans, bottles, plastics, newsprint and craft paper only
​No charge
​Purchase of recycling crates​$10​ each
​Tokoroa and Putāruru landfills – loads of clean greenwaste to greenwaste mulching area. 
Maximum wood size 100 mm diameter
$75.25/tonne (includes $11.50 National Waste Levy)
​Landscaping material that is not suited for mulching eg flax, grass clippings, large branches, tree stumps and organic soils​Three quarters standard fee
​Clean cover material
​Approved by arrangement with authorised staff and for disposal where instructed​$23/tonne
Disposal of refuse bags
​Unofficial refuse bags – 60 litre capacity maximum only​$2.10/bag
​Official refuse bags – 60 litre capacity maximum only - if bag and contents deposited over the tip face after weighing​No charge
Commercial operators
​Less than 50 tonnes/month​$156/tonne (includes $11.50 National Waste Levy)
​Between 50 and 100 tonnes/month​15% discount on total monthly account
​Exceeding 100 tonnes/month​By negotiation
​Use of weighbridge to weigh a vehicle (no rubbish deposited)​$11
​Special waste eg asbestos​$257/tonne
Car bodies
​Car body - stripped car – no number plate No charge​
​Car body - car not stripped​$29
​Note: Due to the work needed to strip/store vehicles, until the recycling car body compressor arrives, the current operations contract reverts ownership of the car bodies to the contractor. ​
​Fee at Transfer Stations (per tyre)​$7
​16” x 900 (Tokoroa only) (per tyre)​$10
​All 24” (Tokoroa only) (per tyre)​$13
​36” and over (Tokoroa only) (per tyre)​$23
​Monthly account fee for landfills​$11
​TVs: disposal of old television sets (domestic only, cost per TV)​$16

 Levies - set by statute (for information only)

​National Waste Levy (applied to all waste take to the tip face)​$11.50​
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