Corridor Access Request

He tūwheratanga pānui huarahi ​

Fees and Charges - 2018-19​

Corridor access requests (which used to be called road opening notices) are required for, but not limited to:

  • Any activity that alters the surface of any part of the road reserve
  • The placement of any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or structure on or above the road reserve
  • A new driveway

A traffic management plan (see section 41) is required for any activity that alters the normal movement of pedestrians or vehicles within the road reserve.

A site lay plan is required to be submitted with all corridor access requests.

For information on how to locate and protect services in the area of the proposed works, use the 'beforeUdig' website -

Single occurrence permit
Blanket coverage – district wide – domestic services and maintenance activities
​*Initial approval and establishment of blanket cover status​$695
​**Individual occurrences (projects)​$230
Additional inspections

* Corri​dor Access Requests issued under blanket coverage are supported with generic traffic management plans.

** Individual occurrences (projects) undertaken by holders of generic traffic management plans will require site specific traffic management plans.

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