Building Consents

​​He whakautu hangatanga​

Fees and Charges - 2018-19

Please note: In addition to the fee for a building consent, other fees may be applicable.

Provisos to the schedule above

Where Council Officers do not have the qualifications to certify or approve any building work, the fee for the building consent shall be charged on the following basis:

  • The scheduled fee for the issue of a building consent shall be charged, plus all actual and reasonable costs for the provision of contracted certification(s).
  • Such additional charge(s) shall be estimated at the time of application of the consent and a deposit of this amount will be required.

The applicant shall pay the actual and reasonable costs of the service(s) provided, less the deposit, prior to the issue of any certificates.  Alternatively, any excess will be refunded.

Additional processing/inspection fees will be charged at the hourly rate for extra processing and inspections as required. If engineering/design peer reviews are required by Council officers, then the costs will be charged as additional to the below fees.

Peer Review If any peer review is required by Council's Building Control Officers then the cost of this will be charged additional to the above fees.

​New - Commercial​$3,590
​New - Industrial$3,590
​Alterations - Commercial​$2,090
​Alterations - Industrial​$2,090
​New - Residential - Standard​$2,680
​New - Residential - Brick​$2,950
​New - Residential - Standard - Owner/builder exemption​$3,355
​New - Residential - Brick - Owner/builder exemption​$3,625
​Rural - Minor building​$820
​Dairy shed​$1,925
​Dairy shed - with WC​$2,195
​Dwelling additions​$1,410
​Relocated buildings​$1,820
​Garage/sleep out​$1,545
​Swimming pool​$595
​Solar water heading (residential only)​No charge
​Certificate of title​$20
​Sewer connection fee (Installation cost on request)Please see the section on Sewer Connections
​Water connection fee (Installation cost on request)Please see the section on Water Connections
​Rural ID number​Please see the section Rural Numbering
​Compliance schedules (plus $10 per item listed)$135
​Project Information Memorandum (PIM) – no charge if issued with building consent​$135
​BWOF Processing (annual fee) (receiving annual Building Warrant of Fitness)​$88
​BWOF second reminder notice (Building Warrant of Fitness)​$135
​Extension of time for existing building consent​ $88
Spa/​Swimming Pool compliance Inspection​​$135

​Additional processing fee (per hour - includes processing extensive further information requests, timefram exceeding expectation)

​Additional inspection​$135
​Certificate of public use​$135
​Request for exemption of work​$135
​Auditing of building or site with Compliance Schedule​$85 for the first half an hour, $135 per hour thereafter
​Building consent amendment​Actual and reasonable costs, minimum charge of $135
​Registration of certificates issued under section 73 of the Building Act 2004​Actual costs
​Registration of certificate issued under section 77 of the Building Act 2004​Actual costs
Application to waiver/modify Building Code requirementsActual and reasonable costs
​Monthly statistical printout​$135/year or $15/month

Please note the following possible additional fees:

​Building Research Levy

​$1.00 per $1000.00 levy is payable on each consent valued over $20,000

​MBIE Levy

​$2.01 per $1000.00 levy is payable on each consent valued over $20,444

​Building Consent Authority Levy

​$2.00 per $1000.00 levy is payable on each consent valued over $20,000

​Revaluation Fee

​$120.00 for all work over $9,999


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