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Fees & Charges 2018-21 - September 2018

The consultation period for the Fees and Charges 2018-21 opens on Wednesday 26 September 2018 and closes on Wednesday 24 October 2018. 

Council adopted the 2018-21 Fees & Charges through its recent Long Term Plan process, however it has been discovered that a number of errors occurred in twelve areas. Broadly, the reasons for the errors all into four categories.

  • INFLATION - We apply inflation across all Council set fees and charges each year. This was unfortunately applied across all fees, some of which are set by statute and cannot be changed. These need amending.
  • CLARITY - It was felt that some fees and charges lacked transparency and could be confusing. These too have been amended.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE - There was also some general administrative issues that needed rectifying.
  • CONFLICT - Some fees have been recorded incorrectly in the document that went to Council for adoption however the team was actually charging the correct fee. The fee in the adopted document needed amending as a result.

If you have an interest in the following fee areas, please have a read of the documents below and let us have your feedback.

  • Building Consent Fees
  • Camping Permit Fee​
  • Dog Control and Registration Fees
  • Environmental Health Fees
  • Financial Contributions
  • Hire of Council Offices and Facilities
  • Landfill Charges
  • Liquor Licensing Fees
  • Parking Infringements
  • Resource Management Fees
  • Sportsgrounds and Parks hire charges
  • Swimming Pool charges

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