Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

How and where do I register my dog?
Get a registration form from your local Council, complete the form and return with the required fee. Council will then issue a tag. A microchipping fee may also apply. Dog registration forms will be mailed to all known dog owners at annual registration time. If you do not receive a form in the mail OR you are a new dog owner, please make application to your local Council Service Centre.

At what age should my dog be registered?
All dogs MUST be registered by the age of three months.

When do I need to register my dog?
Registration is required annually on the 1 July. Owners have until the 31 July to register their dogs without incurring a penalty. Throughout the year, dogs being registered for the first time will be charged a part fee, for the time remaining in the registration year.

What does it cost?
REGISTRATIONS - Council sets the fees annually commencing 1 July. Please see fees and charges.
PENALTIES - 50% will be applied to ALL outstanding registrations after the 31 July.

My dog has died - do I get a refund?
If your dog has died, and you have paid your annual registration fee, you are entitled to a partial refund on that year's registration fee. To apply for a refund you will need to complete a Dog Refund form and provide Council with the tag from the deceased dog or other proof of death (like a veterinary certificate).

Can I transfer my existing registration from another Council?
To transfer registration, you will need to produce the old tag, complete a registration form and a replacement tag will be issued.

What is the selected owner policy?
This is a status that owners need to apply for. Certain criteria are applicable and a declaration form will need to be completed. The fees are reduced for selected owners.

Does my dog need to be microchipped?
New microchip laws came into effect on 1 July 2006. All new dogs first registered on or after 1 July 2006 need to be chipped. The microchip number must be advised to Council.

How do I get my dog chipped?
Contact your local vet or Council's Animal Control unit can administer the chip for a fee.

My neighbours dogs are barking continuously; what can I do?
Call your local Council office with all the details and they will contact the Animal Control unit who will despatch an officer to investigate.



What are the hours of operation?
Tokoroa Landfill: 9.00am to 4.00pm Tuesday to Sunday (closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day until 1pm))
Putaruru Transfer station: 9.00 - 4.00pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday (closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day until 1pm))

What does it cost?
The weighbridge system is used and fees apply to special items - please see the latest fees and charges schedule for information.

What is the charge for greenwaste?
Half of the normal fee.

Can we take chemicals, old paint etc to the landfill?
Only by special arrangement.

What about my recyclables?
There are recycling depots at the landfill entrance and you are welcome to put your recyclable material there without entering the landfill and incurring a cost. This applies only to cans, bottles, plastics, newspapers and kraft paper. No greenwaste.

What about rubbish bags?
Official refuse bags - 60 litre maximum capacity only - are free if bag and contents are deposited over the tipface after weighing. Unofficial bags, up to 60 litres capacity, are $2.00 each to dump.

Do you have recycling collection?
Urban residents have a fortnightly kerbside recycling collection. In addition to this service, there are public recycling depots at both landfill entrances and other areas. Collection days may be subject to change especially during statutory periods. These changes will be published in the media and Councils website at that time.


Refuse Bags

Official refuse bags can be purchased from Council offices, supermarkets and other stores

When is my collection day?
Council provides a weekly collection of official bags from defined areas (mostly urban) paying for this service.

  • Tuesday - Putaruru and Arapuni
  • Wednesday - parts of Tokoroa (central - bordered by State Highway 1, Baird Road, Maraetai Road and Elizabeth Drive)
  • Thursday - parts of Tokoroa (south of Maraetai Road)
  • Friday - Tirau and parts of Tokoroa (northern - north of Baird Road) (west - west of Elizabeth Drive, between Baird Road and Maraetai Road)

How much for a refuse bag?
Retail price (Council offices only) = $5.50 per set of five bags from 2 July 2012
These costs may be subject to an annual change.


Opening Hours

Council Agencies

Where is my local Council office and contact number?
Tokoroa, Torphin Crescent (885 0340)
Putaruru, Overdale Street (883 7189)
Tirau i-Site, Main Road (883 1202)

What are the Council office hours?
Tokoroa: 8.00am to 5.00pm
Putaruru: 8.00am to 5.00pm
Tirau i-Site: 9.00am to 5.00pm (limited services available)

What is Council's postal address?
Private Bag 7, Tokoroa, 3444

What is Council's website address?


Where are our libraries?
Tokoroa, Mannering Street (886 6574)
Putaruru, Overdale Street (883 7187)
Tirau, Station Road (883 1208)

What are the Library hours?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Wednesday: 9.30am to 6.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 2.00pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:  8am to 5.00pm
Wednesday: 8am to 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Monday to Friday: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm


Where are our Pools?
Tokoroa, Roslin Street (885 0739)
Putaruru (Summer only), Glenshea Park (883 3498)
Tirau (Summer only), Goodwin Street Reserve

When are the Pools open?
Monday - Friday 6.00am to 8.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays 7.30am - 8.00pm

Putaruru (Summer only):
Daily 12 noon to 6.00pm

Tirau (Summer only):
Daily 12 noon - 6.00pm



How can I pay my rates?
Cash/Cheque/Eftpos/Direct Debit (monthly & quarterly only), Automatic Payment (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly), Direct Credit, Telephone and Internet banking. Payments can also be made by Credit Card through the Pay It portal on this website only. (Service fees apply to payments by Credit Card)

When are my rates due?
Rates are invoiced quarterly and are normally due 7 September (Instalment 1), 7 December (Instalment 2), 7 March (Instalment 3), 7 June (Instalment 4)

Will I get a penalty if I don't pay by the due date?
Yes. If you miss payment, a 10% penalty will be applied to the unpaid balance of the instalment.

How do I change my address?
A Change of Address form needs to be completed. Council does not accept a change of address over the phone, notification of the change must be made in writing. Change of Address can be advised by email to the rates team.

My property has been sold, what happens to my rates?
Usually on transfer of the property your solicitor contacts the Council rates department, to ascertain how much needs to be paid or if a refund is due. In the first instance, please check with your solicitor; however, an officer from Council's rates department may be able to help you.

I didn't receive a rates notice?
Let us know the property you are paying rates for so that we can ascertain why you may not have received a notice. Perhaps we have an incorrect mailing address (see above note on how to request a change of postal address).  Otherwise, a copy invoice can be supplied.

How do I apply for a rates rebate?
Council administers the rates rebate scheme for The Department of Internal Affairs. Certain criteria apply for the rebate.  A rebate application form or information regarding the rate rebate scheme can be obtained by contacting one of Council's Customer Service Officers at either the Tokoroa or Putaruru office.


Environmental Health

Am I allowed to hold a sausage sizzle in town?
You need to complete an Application for Use of a Public Place form. Approval from surrounding affected premises will need to be sought. You also need to complete an Application for Registration-Temporary Food Stall form. Once all criteria are met, your application will be considered by Council's Environmental Health Officer and you will be notified accordingly. There is a fee attached. If you are a non-profit organisation, please provide a supporting letter with your application as you may be eligible for a waiver of fees.

Can I sell raffle tickets in town?
You need to complete an Application for Use of a Public Place form. Signed approval from surrounding affected premises will need to be sought. Once all criteria are met, your application will be considered by Council's Environmental Health Officer and you will be notified accordingly. There is no fee for this application.

Can I burn rubbish/have a hangi?
Council's Principal Rural Fire Officer will set the criteria to the current conditions. Please ask a Customer Service Officer.

We've got rats! Can Council help?
Council has rat bait available at the Customer Service Counters. The bags cost $2 each.


Property Fees

How do I apply for a Pensioner flat?
An application form will need to be completed and certain criteria apply. Please ask a Customer Service Officer for a form so that you can view the criteria.


Frequently asked for telephone numbers

TANGS (Tokoroa A Naturally Growing Success)   TANGS no longer exists.  The phone number is defunct.
District Court   885 0060
Information Centres    
  Tokoroa   886 8872
  Putaruru   883 7284
  Tirau   883 1202
Graffiti   886 8872
Waikato Regional Council   0800 800 401
Plant & Animal Pest Advice   0800 BIOSECURITY or 0800 246 732
Bees   Flybusters 0800 837 070
or Paul Black 07 883 8389
Tokoroa Cinema   886 1532
CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau   0800 367 222
Work and Income   0800 559 009
South Waikato Achievement Centre (Recycle Centre)   886 8941
Emergency after hours numbers    
  Sewerage and Water   885 0340
  Dangerous Goods Inspector  

885 0340

  Building Inspector   885 0340
  Emergency Management/Rural Fire   885 0778
  Animal Control Officers   885 0340
  Environmental Health Officers   885 0340
  Noise Control Officer   885 0340
  Roadworks and Flooding (Downer EDI)   883 1650
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