About Joining the Library

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it free?
Membership is free if you live in the South Waikato District. Those outside the area boundaries may join for a yearly subscription of $42.00. Replacement cards cost $3.00.

Can I join online?
At the moment, you must come in person to either the Tokoroa or Putaruru libraries to join up.

What do I need to bring to join?
You must bring some personal ID, e.g. driver's licence, passport, bankcard AND up to date proof of address, e.g. bank statement, letter etc; Proof of address needs to have been received in the last month; A second contact address and telephone number is also required, e.g. next of kin not living with you. 
Under 16 years of age: You must bring your legal guardian in to the library to sign the application form. This makes them liable for any costs for damaged or lost items and fines.
I am in foster care/a ward of the state: If you will be in care longer than six months and the foster arrangement is a formal one, your foster family can sign the form. Otherwise, you will need a CHYPS caregiver to bring an original signed letter on CHYPS letterhead to take responsibility for costs.

How long will the card be valid?
If your card is not used for two years it will be deleted from our records. Otherwise, it is valid as long as you remain in the area. Please remember to tell a librarian if you change your address or contact details. 

Can I only use it at the library I joined?
You can use your card at the Tokoroa and Putaruru libraries. Books taken out at one of these branches may be returned to either of them.

Can I take something out if I've forgotten my card?
If you do not have your library card, you must provide ID (e.g. driver's licence/passport).

Can I lend my card to my friends?
You may want to do this but remember YOU will be responsible for overdue and damaged/lost charges.

What if my card is stolen?
Lost library cards should be reported immediately. Failure to do so will mean that the card holder remains responsible for any items issued to that card. A charge of $3.00 will be made for replacement cards providing you have ID.

How many books can I take out?
A maximum of 15 items may be issued at any one time on a child or adult card or 20 items on a family card. 

Can I get a book from another branch?
Tell a librarian the title and author and which library you want to pick it up from. Reserves cost $1.00 payable when you pick the book up.  Reserves can also be done online.

What if I want to keep my books longer?
You can ring Tokoroa or Putaruru branch to renew your books or you can do it online.  Renewals are charged at rental prices.  Hot pick books cannot be renewed.  Toys, children's puzzles and magazines can be renewed once.  All other items can be renewed twice, except if they have been requested by another borrower. 

What if I'm late returning my books?
If items are late there is a charge of 10c per day per item for junior material and 30c for adult material. ​The exceptions are DVDs and hot pick titles which are charged at 50c per day.  If we are closed there is a returns slot which you can use.  Books can be returned at either Tokoroa or Putaruru.  As a courtesy, the library will usually remind you of late books by email, a computer telephone message or letter but it remains your responsibility to return books on time whether there is a reminder or not.

What if I lose a book?
You cannot use your library card while you have a lost item on it. When items are three weeks overdue, the library will send out a final reminder letter, with the cost of the items plus overdue fines as at that date. If you pay for the books and then find them, an administration charge may come out of your refund.

What do you do about vandalism and stealing?
There is never enough money to buy all the books and non-book material that we would like. Damaging or removing items from the library without them being checked out is not only illegal but also results in money having to be spent on replacing these items instead of purchasing new books. If the item is out of print it means that we can no longer buy it and you have just decided for 25,000 people that nobody else can read that book. A photocopier is available for use - please use that.

Can I eat and drink in the library?
Drinks in a spill-proof bottle and food which is not messy are allowed. Library staff are still able to ask customers to leave if they pose a damage threat to the material, or behave in ways that are uncomfortable to others.

What if I don't think the library should have a certain book?
The library does not represent only one viewpoint in any area. Any material which has been passed by the Chief Censor may be bought for the library. However, you are welcome to put your objection into writing and address it to the Libraries Manager.

What if I don't want my child to take out certain things?
The library cannot take on the role of parent as all parents have their own beliefs and rules. Restrictions must be enforced by family members.​

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