Animal Control

microcipping-a-dog.jpgIt is Council's responsibility to ensure that animals, mainly dogs, are not a nuisance to the community. Dog registration is a legal requirement and the fees fund the dog control operation. This includes answering complaints about dogs, monitoring rubbish days, attending dog attacks, educating school and community groups to encourage responsible dog ownership and caring for the animals in the pound.

Should you wish to know more about the Animal Control Programme please contact one of the Animal Control Officers.

Lost Dogs

Who to contact if your dog is lost

Dog Problems

Where to go to find help if you know of a problem dog.

Dog Licensing

Learn about how and when to register your dog.

Dog Control

All about dog laws and control of dogs on your property.

Dog Care and Training

Information and suggested reading on dog care and training.

Disposing of Dead Animals

How to contact MAF

Adopt a Dog

Council rehomes suitable dogs... follow this link to find the dog for you...

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