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It is Council's responsibility to ensure that animals, mainly dogs, are not a nuisance to the community. Dog registration is a legal requirement and the fees fund the dog control operation. This includes answering complaints about dogs, monitoring rubbish days, attending dog attacks, educating school and community groups to encourage responsible dog ownership and caring for the animals in the pound.  

Compliance Officers also deal with stock that are uncontrolled on roads.

And we will look at all animal welfare affecting all animals. If they are not warranted to deal with an animal welfare issue, al​l officers are able to point you in the right direction to the organisation that will be able to assist you. The welfare of all animals is a top priority for the team and they need the communities help to alert them to things they may not be aware of.

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​A remind​er to all our urban doggie owning people (who aren't already on SOP*). If you want to pay dog registrations that are half the price of the standard fee, apply to Council to become an SOP dog owner before the end of May. * Selected Owner Policy

​In 2017 the Dog Control Bylaw was reviewed and consequently there have been a couple of changes made.  These changes were driven by the results of a dog survey that was available to all residents of our community.  As a result of majority opinion, the Central Business Districts of Putāruru and Tīrau have had the prohibition of dogs in these areas lifted.  This effectively means that as long as y​​​ou walk a dog through these areas on a lead, and you keep them under yo​​​ur control at all times, you are now able to take your dogs through these areas without consequence.  Please note though that the Central Business District of Tokoroa is still a restricted area for dogs between the hours of 8am and 6pm daily.  After 6pm and before 8am daily your dog may be walked through this area on a leash and under your control at all times.  All of your obligations under the Dog Control Act 1996 must be adhered too in these areas as a dog owner and failure to do so may result in an Infringement being issued to you.

In 2017 the government made funds available to have all dogs classified as Menacing under the Dog Control Act, de-sexed at no charge to the dog owner.  The South Waikato District Council applied for an amoun​​​​​​t of money, based on its existing menacing classification database and that money has been available to the community for around 8 months.  If you are the owner of a menacing breed you would have received an information letter sent to your address notifying you of this offer.  Please note that these funds are only to be used to de-sex dogs classified as menacing under section 33 of the Dog Control Act, it does not apply to other breeds of dogs. 


​If you are the owner of a dog that has been classified as Menacing under the Dog Control Act, we advise you to​ take the opportunity to get your dog(s) de-sexed free of charge.  To find out more and make an appointment please contact a Council Office or speak with a Compliance Officer.​


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