Air Quality/Heating

​Breathing fresh clean air should be something we can enjoy all year round!

Research tells us that during the winter months in Tokoroa the air that we breathe becomes so polluted that it causes issues to our health and wellbeing, more so for our young children, elderly and those whose health is already compromised.

How does the air become polluted?

There are several causes, such as pollutants from motor vehicles, industrial and agricultural activities, and outdoor fires. However, research tell us that the main source of air pollution in our district comes from non-compliant woodburners in our homes and the burning of wet wood. These two factors alone contribute towards 78 per cent of the PM10 problem.

What is PM10?

PM10, put simply, are very small particles in the air, produced primarily from household fires and burners. These particles are small enough to get into your lungs and can cause serious health problems. The national environmental standard is breached when 24 hour average PM10 levels exceed 50 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3) of air.

Is there anything I can do to help clean up the air?

Yes! There are a number of easy steps you can take, especially if you are a woodburner owner.

  • Burning only dry, seasoned wood
  • Operating and maintaining your woodburner responsibly by:
    - cleaning your flue every year before it is used again, and
    - keeping your firebox clean throughout winter
  • Upgrading to a clean heating appliance if you have a non-compliant woodburner (an open fire or woodburner that is 10 years or older).

Can Council help me upgrade to a clean heating appliance?

Yes! There are several heating schemes that Council operate that could enable you to do this. However, for each scheme there must be a non-compliant woodburner in the home that can be removed (whether it is working or not). 

To find out which scheme is right for you use our Warm Homes Scheme Selector Tool.

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