Strategies, Plans, Policies & Bylaws

​​Council’s planning documents work together to provide direction for future community development and investment. Strategies are generally recognised as the highest level documents, and set the direction for future initiatives. At the other end of the scale, bylaws are very specific rules that have been adopted by a council to control an activity, and sometimes only at a certain time or place. The menu to the left lists the types of plans used by Council. By selecting one of these you can follow Council’s general development direction or access documents that have been designed to manage specific activities, events or places.


Follow this link for a list of South Waikato District Council bylaws.

Council's Vision

Follow this link to read more about Council's vision and outcomes to be achieved.

Annual Report

Click here to view Council's annual report on financial and non-financial performance results.


Click here to view Council's planning documents like Long Term Plan, Annual Plan, District Plan...


Follow this link to view Council's current policies.


Follow this link to view our current strategies.

South Waikato Youth Strategy

Managed by Raukawa, this Social Sector Trial focusses on improved outcomes for youth

The Strategic, Plan and Policy Process

Find out how the strategic, plan & policy process works ......

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