Putaruru weighbridge pending overhaul

The Putāruru Transfer Station weighbridge is currently not operating due to a problem with part of the foundation.

Remediation works have begun. Indications show that the foundations are largely firm and undisturbed, but a portion of the supporting material has settled and part of the concrete foundation has broken.

Council is currently reviewing options. One option is to relocate the entire weighbridge away from the area of subsidence. This options would be costly as we would need to remove all existing foundations, construct new foundations and approach ramps and relocate of the Kiosk.

The other option would be to remove the failing portion of the foundations and reconstruct the area. This would mean we wouldn't need to relocate the weighbridge and kiosk.

"Discussions at this stage are preliminary," said Andrew Pascoe, Council's Services Manager. "The engineering assessment is not complete. Once the most appropriate course of action is determined work can progress."

While the weighbridge is currently not operational, users can still access the site safely over the weighbridge. Once investigations are complete and works start, Council will endeavour to ensure the work causes as minimal disruption to users as possible.

Council appreciates the patience and support of users while we remedy this issue.

"We also remind users that any concerns regarding the manual charging system should be referred to Council on 07 885 0340. We ask that people not engage with the kiosk attendant onsite over the charges. They are not able to deviate from the charges allocated," continued Mr Pascoe. "And a reminder also that the Tokoroa landfill is operating as normal and can also be used with confidence."

Council considered the option of closing the Putāruru Transfer Station when the issue with the weighbridge was first discovered, but felt this would be more inconvenient to our northern community than introducing a manual system.

Council is also considering calibrating the weighbridges more regularly than the current once a year schedule required by legislation.

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