Putaruru Transfer Station weighbridge not operating

Reports received by South Waikato District Council last week of incorrect charges at the Putāruru Transfer Station has resulted in a full and immediate investigation. It has now been established that the weighbridge at the facility is indeed faulty.

An initial assessment indicates that the ground works have shifted and settled creating an imbalance in the weighing mechanism. The scope of work and cost of repair is unclear at this stage.

What is clear is that we can't rely on the weighbridge and that the repairs will take several months to fully investigate and action. Council staff looked at two immediate options. One option is to close the Transfer Station until the repairs are completed. This option was discounted by staff due to the significant inconvenience to the Putāruru, Tīrau and Arapuni communities.

The second option - a temporary charging regime based on average weights/volumes for cars, utes, small trailers, large trailers etc be put in place with immediate effect.

"Council has opted to keep the Transfer Station open and work on a temporary charging regime. We will be erecting relevant signage as soon as possible, said Ted Anderson, Council's Assets Group Manager. "Council assures its community that we are erring on the side of lower costs."

If people are concerned about any charges in the interim period, please contact Council on 07 885 0340 or visit the Tokoroa Landfill site that is operating as normal.

"We ask that people not engage with the kiosk operator onsite over the charges," said Mr Anderson. "This is a very difficult situation to manage and the attendant is not able to deviate from the charges allocated. We assure the community charges will be reasonable and if there is concern, please visit the Tokoroa Landfill site."

Council would like to thank those in the community who brought the issue to our attention. And all Putāruru Transfer Station users for their patience.

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Page reviewed: 23 Feb 2017 11:52am