Putāruru is gearing up for growth

After 20 years of population decline, South Waikato is growing. Great news, but it means a shortage of houses and land for building.

With new residential development occurring in Putāruru and drive from Putāruru Moving Forward (PMF) to support business and residential growth, Council and PMF developed a Putaruru Growth Plan to address the issue.

Following May's public meeting, the draft plan was amended and made available for comment through a survey. It has been amended based on this feedback, staff investigations and continued landowner discussions. It is on our website and is going to Council in July.

Survey results show 94% of respondents support planning ahead for future growth with a satisfaction rating of 3.6 out of 5 for the draft concept.

There will be more opportunities for feedback through the District Plan Change. The timeline for this has not been established.

PMF says working alongside Council has been positive, believing the support of residents confirms that opening up land opportunities is a next step for our growing town.

"We are excited by present growth and the potential for further development in the district," continued PMF Chairperson Stu Edmeades. "We want to make sure Putāruru is ready to play its part over the next few years."

Council's Community Group Manager, Sam Marshall says growth planning ensures towns avoid unplanned development, sprawl, poor design outcomes and poor management of infrastructure.

"Growth planning and the associated District Plan changes will save time and money associated with developing new sections," he concluded.

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For more detail on the Putaruru Growth Plan visit our page here.

Page reviewed: 27 Jun 2017 3:05pm