Arapuni Road Realignment

Work begins on Arapuni Road Realignment

Council has started work on the Arapuni Road Realignment project near Pearson Road and Duxfield Reserve. 

"Given the serious safety concerns in having two 35km/h bends in close proximity, Council is pleased that everything is now in place to progress this project," said Gordon Naidoo, Council's Roading Manager.  "Basically we're going to cut across both corners to straighten the road out and get rid of the dangerous bends."

The project will take between five and six months allowing for the fill to settle before the road is constructed over the top.  There will be some minor disruption when traffic is reduced to one lane resulting in time delays.  Sometime in the new year, the road will be closed completely for about a week and a detour route set up around Pearson Road.  This will be signposted.

The team began preparing the site last week and the site office is being established, including setting up the environmental controls which are required under the earthworks consent from the Waikato Regional Council.

"With the Pokaiwhenua Stream being so close, it is important that we have effective environmental controls in to control sediment and dust from the site," continued Mr Naidoo.

The project will cost around $600,000 with about approximately 50% funded through New Zealand Transport Agency subsidy.  ends:  words: 214

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