Fees and Charges


Our Revenue and Financing Policy (the policy) guides how Council makes decisions on fees and charges.  Under the policy, Council takes into account who benefits from a service, and then decides how that activity will be funded.  This includes setting the balance between user fees (what you pay at the counter) and rate input (what is included in your rates) for each service. 

For example, if the cost of providing a service is $100,000 a year and the ratio set in the policy is 70% user fees and 30% rates, then Council needs $70,000 from user fees.  If the income from the service falls, or if more funding for the service is required, then the user fees have to go up because we still need to meet the policy and provide the service.

The fees and charges in the pages below below apply from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, and are shown as GST inclusive (at 15% GST).

Fees and Charges Listing

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